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S Eshwar Consultants has the expertise in
img_icon Corporate & Business Laws
img_icon Contracts & Agreements
img_icon Intellectual Property Rights
img_icon Transaction Advisory, Structuring & Evaluation
img_icon Legal Representation & Dispute Resolution
Corporate & Business Laws
We offer a variety of Services which encompasses a range of activities from Formation of Companies, Compliance Management to Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Reorganisation and Reconstruction and Winding-up. Our Team has the expertise in propining expert counsel on legal issues pertaining to administration and liquidation. We also assist Enterprises in the Legal Aspects of raising financial resources either through the brouses or through other sources.
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Contracts & Agreements
Today’s globalised and complex business environment demands that any Enterprise before venturing into any transaction, deal or venture protect itself by way of a contract. We at S Eshwar Consultants, have the expertise, and the experience, in assisting the Enterprise in drafting contracts to bring about an effective protection for the parties involved in the transaction.

Our expertise and experience in Contracts has a very wide spectrum, ranging from various industries to various types of documents, be it

Transaction Documents such as Specialised Business Documents
such as
  • Shareholder Agreements – Private Equity or Venture Capitalists
  • Share Purchase Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Escrow Agreement
  • Product Licensing Agreements – Trade Mark, Software and the like
  • Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements
  • Franchisee Agreements
Regular Business Documents such as Special Appointment Documents
such as
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Business Service Agreements
  • Loan Agreements
  • Sole Selling Agents;
  • Channel Partner Agreements
  • Business Development Partner Agreements
or any other Contract document that would require in a particular scenario.
……. We also undertake Contract Negotiations
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Intellectual Property Rights
WTO and its off spring – GATT and GATS, have now brought about an effective Intellectual Property Protection regime

We provide:
  • Trade Mark Search and Registration
  • Copyright Advisory and Registration
  • Design Registration
  • Investigation Services
  • International Registration of IPRs
  • Licensing and Assignment
  • Brand Protection and Global IPR adoption advisory Services
……. We also undertake IPR Litigation
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Transaction Advisory, Structuring &Evaluation

With Globalization of businesses across all industry verticals, it has become imperative for businesses to explore various avenues for growth either by way strategic investments in other entities or by acquisition of businesses or entities or in other forms.

We at S Eshwar Consultants have the expertise and experience advising Business Houses by being a part of their Core Team to structure the deal with due consideration of all the applicable legal issues. S Eshwar Consultants, apart from their experiences in India also has the experience in advising Business Houses in their foray into United States, Middle East, CIS Countries, China and South East Asia.

The old Latin adage "Caveat Emptor" has gained prominence with the increasing desire of Enterprises to grow, which requires them to Evaluate Businesses ("Due Diligence") before venturing into them either on a green field basis or through Mergers and Acquisitions. We undertake Legal and Secretarial Due Diligence of Entities prior to any transaction and also assist entities which are on Transaction Mode in conducting a "Pre-Due Diligence" to ascertain their level of preparedness for the Transaction.

We at S Eshwar Consultants share the opinion of the Entrepreneur that the completion of a Transaction is a new beginning, which requires constant support for the Transaction to be successful of which Transition is an essential part. We provide Transition and Post Transaction Structuring Support to ensure the compliance of various enactments.
… We cherish our associations by being part of the negotiation team.
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Legal Representation &Dispute Resolution
Any dispute and litigation involves an understanding of the cause of the dispute and understanding the various precedents in such matters and thereafter strategizing the methodology of taking the same forward in the best interest of the Enterprise. We at
S Eshwar Consultants bring about a different dimension in disputes and litigation and our various reported judgments are a standing testimony to the manner in which we approach litigations, few of them are
  • M.Lakshmi Narayanan Vs. Rasi Nidhi Limited [2005] 57 SCL 435 (CLB-Chennai).
  • V Thangavelu Vs. Associated Business Credits Limited and others [2006] 71 CLA 250 (CLB).
  • Sporting Pastime India Limited and Others Vs. Kasturi &Sons Limited [2006] 72 CLA 401 (CLB).
  • Jindal Praxair Oxygen Company (P) Ltd., Vs. Praxair Pacific Ltd. [2005] 61 SCL 93.
  • Forbes Finance Ltd., In re [2009] 149 Comp. Cas 16.
… We represent before Arbitration Tribunals, the Company Law Board, Intellectual Property Appellate Tribunal, MRTPC, FEMA Appellate Tribunal, Adjudicating Officers under FEMA and SEBI enactments and also device strategy and provide support services for litigation before other forums.
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